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Shri K.H.Patil

Born on :16-3-1925 Died on: 9-2-1992



Shri K.H.Patil


"Whatever action a great man performs common men follow and  whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues"


        Shri Rajeshwari Vidyaniketan has its Origins in Hulkoti, the tiny village that has been the birthplace of the visionary late Shri K. H. Patil and has emerged from being the fulcrum of co-operative movement, a crucible of novel experiments ensuring primacy for the farmers and farm produce to a renowned educational centre focusing on high quality education fostering enduring human values. It was a small village, before visionary the late Shri.K.H.Patil, a doyen among the politicians, who preached and practiced values in political and public life, and remained firmly committed to them, stepped in to usher a revolution of sorts in this village.


        Late Shri.K.H.Patil was particularly concerned about lack of facilities for good quality education to the rural people and the consequent increasing Rural-Urban dichotomy. He wanted quality education to be provided to the rural population. This led to a string of educational institutions being started in and around Hulkoti, from Pre-Primary to Collegiate level, including Professional colleges.


        Amongst the institutions he founded, Sri.Rajeshwari Vidyaniketan, a CBSE affiliated English medium Residential School has a proven record of excellence and is also the founding ground for the students. The school grew steadily from its formative years to offering quality education from the Nursery/Primary up to the 10th Standard.

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