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Swami Nirbhayananda Swamiji


Ramkrishna Vivekananda Asharam

" Everything is moving to the right direction one should be lucky to put his ward in this institution. I am impressed by the dedication of all the staff. "

Mr. & Mrs. Baladota


"I was very happy to see that school is imparting high quality education to rural children. Great work done for rural communality. Hostel and dining room was meet and clean . You are doing excellent work for common man and his children."


Shri T. N. Chaturvedi

Governer, Govt. of Karnataka.


"Situated in rural surrounding even short visit to the school is enough to bring out the imaginative efforts as have gone into its conception and working of the design has the advantage of  a committed and dedicated staff it certainly in a boon to a students belonging to people with limited means I express my appreciation for the management as well as the staff wish all the best in years to come"

Team of Swamiji from

Shri Ramakrishna Asharam Mysore.


"The school is very well maintained the whole campus is so devoting, having ideal atmosphere condition for the alround development of the children"


Smt V. S. Ramadevi

Governor, Karnataka


   "It is like Gurukul with all the modem equipments to teach village children to compete with anyone in the world. I congratulate the principal and the staff on fmming the school so well."

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