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Scholarships :

A number of Free-ships and scholarships are sponsored on merit-cum-means basis for the benefit of talented, the needy and the less-privileged students.

Prices will be awarded every year for the co-curricular activities and sports held throughout the year. the prices are as follows :

Prices for best student and best improved student for every classes


Prices for best hosteller and most improved hosteller


Prices for

             a) Best primary alrounder            b) Best in Co-curicular activities


             c) Best alrounder girl                    d) Best alrounder boy


             e) Best sport person                     f) Best in News reading


             g) Best alround House

All India Secondary School Examination


Book prize worth Rs. 500/- for 1st in AISSE from trust


Rolling Trophy by Shri S. S. Betageri


Rolling trophy and book prize by Mr. D. Kulakrni        Parents of our student


Subject Wise


Rs. 100 each from trust for scoring highest marks in each subject.

Book Prizes worth Rs. 1000/- each from Mr. Nainegali and Mr. Naganur and Family for securing first in AISSE



1.        English :- Rs 100 & Momentous from Miss S. N. Sawakar


2.        Kannada: - Book prize from Mr. D.Maheshwarappa


3.        Math’s   : -Book prize worth Rs. 450/- by K.S.N Iyengar  Book prize worth Rs. 100 from Mahadev D. Joshi


4.        Science : -  Book prize & Rolling Trophy From Shri M. R. Adnur & Family For All-rounder  Primary

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Sat 8am - 4pm

08972 289054/289457

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