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Principal’s Message

      Holding the hands of my learners, I wish to take them through the path of learning with love and care.


      As Head of the School, I bear the responsibility to see that every child lives up to one’s potential.


      “My life is my message”, said Mahatma Gandhiji.  We, the teaching faculty, ensure that the life of the children spent in the school  to be the message to the society.


      We endeavour to develop amongst the learners the values for life, simplicity in their attributes and a well equipped contributor to the welfare of the world.


      Punctuality in deeds, regularity in academics variety in talents and spirit in sports, ensure all round development in my school children.


      The efforts of all the Trustees, Members of the Management the School Teaching & Administrative staff and the students should make the education be true to the words “Vidyamrutha Mashnuthe”.

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