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Our Vision

      The school is committed to uphold the highest standards in value-based all round education to the students in the modern pedagogic ambience, through development of an integrated personality with sound mind and body.  It also aims at inculcating the ideas of discipline, self-reliance, service and dedication to bring out the best in every individual.


      To realize our vision, we are on a mission.

  • To impart, demonstrate and perform in the best way through one’s conduct suitable for human aspects.

  • To import, assimilate and evince one’s academic prowess and develop intellectual acumen to fulfil the changing  modern pedagogy.

  • To enrich and hone one’s artistic orientation and physical property for a sound mind and body.

  • To be regular with interest in all of one’s everyday tasks, to lead disciplined life.

  • To test one’s dimensions to be self-reliant.

  • To put to use and perform service and dedicate one’s gains for betterment of the world.

  • To prove what one is educated in is distributed like nectar in one’s life.  

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