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1. We have a spacious well–ventilated and well-furnished hostel for  boys with a capacity of 204 students which is likely to increase. Admission to hostel is open to boys for classes V and depends on vacancy that arrives during that year classes. Admission test and their interview are conducted to assess their keenness and adaptability to the resident life before giving admission to the hostel.

2. Each building of the Hostel is divided into two wings. Each wing accommodates 17 boarders. Facilities for wash, bath, keeping things are provided in the wings separately.  A quarters for the house-master who looks after the well-being of boarders, is attached to each of the wings. The boarders maintain cleanliness and upkeep of their belongings and surrounding by themselves.  The boys do self-service in the dining hall.  These are done with a view to inculcating a sense of disciple, self- confidence, dignity of labor and mutual friendship among them. They follow a suitable prepared daily routine and are under the care of a duty teacher and house-master at all times.

3. There is a school doctor to look after the health needs of the boys.  The reputed specialists of the next door, K.H.Patil Hospital and Research Institute are on the panel of doctors for the school for consultation and treatment as and when it is necessary.

4. An electrical generator is provided. It ensures the studies and other activities of the students whenever electricity supply fails. Every effort is made to look after physical educational and emotional needs of the children through individual care attention

5.  The school has a very enlightened management dedicated to public service and reputed educationists are on the governing body to oversee and guide the activities of the school.  It has immense potentialities to grow into a model educational institution imparting high quality education to children.

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